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Saoirse ronan and george mackay dating

2013 TIFF: Saoirse Ronan and George MacKay on working together in How I Live Now

Saoirse ronan and george mackay dating

She's been in tons of other movies including The Lovely Bones and is currently in rehearsals for The Crucible on Broadway. So, fine — just who is Saoirse Ronan's dating? Ronan gave an interview last fall and opened up about looking for love. She's not on Tinder and has never been on a blind date.

Instead, it seems she's content with staying within the acting dating pool, telling The Herald it's "common" for actors to fall for each other, just because of all the time you spend together and the inevitable friendships that forges.

Director Kevin Macdonald has spoken about the Irish actress' new love, George MacKay. Irish actress Saoirse Ronan met, and fell in love with her first boyfriend, actor George MacKay, during the filming of their movie How I Live Now, according to its director. Film boss Kevin. Similar was the case with Saoirse Ronan and her 'How I Live Now' co-star George MacKay back in As expected, the duo barely spoke.