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Online dating expert books

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Online dating expert books

All of 11 picks below delve into some aspect of dating, romance, and relationships that all modern daters will be able to relate to, find comfort in, and gain insight from. Ranging from lighthearted comedic looks at the single life to social, psychological, and spiritual advice, all of these reads are entertaining, easily digestible, and won't online dating expert books you feel like you're struggling through old fashioned self-help that just doesn't relate to your own dating life.

But here Winch offers a toolkit on how to handle and cope with a broken heart and how to, eventually, move on to your next great dating adventure. And why did '80s video-dating never take off?

Here Laurie Davis, online dating coach and founder of eFlirt Expert, provides the ultimate guide to Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more.