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Mxr distortion plus dating

Mxr distortion plus dating

The original pots are the only way to date an MXR pedal, so this pedal is not very valuable even if someone could get it working, as the date codes and pots are gone. The original MXR pots have a mxr distortion plus dating sticking through the middle on the back of the pot and the numbering on the pots will usually start with MXR as they had them specially made.

Notice the lousy soldering and that the board had several broken traces, which was probably why MXR never used it and probably discarded it. Most original MXR pedals should have a paper sticker inside initialed by the assembler and final tester. We don't have many old MXR pedals for sale we dont deal with vintage gear much anymore so we are not trying to sell you our pedals instead of these.

My friends got a mustard coloured Distortion + with a block logo and he thinks its late 's but he's not sure. Is there any way of finding out exactly when it was made (like by any serial numbers, etc)? MXR used pots with EIA date codes on them. Help Me Date This MXR Distortion+ Pedal. I got this one from eBay, an easy fixer- upper. I'll put the 3PDT true bypass in it, change a few caps to. Anyone care to offer an estimated age for my MXR? I've removed as I have a vintage script logo distortion plus from ' I believe mine is. Mxr distortion plus dating. P. Modifying your normal in are somesettings on building your BACKS! A review of transformer if WIDTH of inexpensive plastic thing.

Classic Distortion tone at your fingertips!! The MXR Distortion Plus was developed as an alternative means to a high gain tone, and received as a breath of.