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Is dating sites for losers

Is dating sites for losers

Let's set the stage to give you an understanding of the loser breakdown for both websites: The main things to take away right off the bat is that both websites do well with direct traffic. Noticeably absent from eHarmony's traffic breakdown is any amount of social media traffic, which should be a concern for the dating site.

Match ranks for 17, keywords. Of those keywords, Match ranks on page 1 for 4, of them. Looking at the same SpyFu data for eHarmony, they rank for 14, total keywords, and sites for on page 1 for 5, of keywords.

Dating is social, and the stigma around online dating is virtually dead. This combination should mean that both eHarmony and Match have the ability to get a large percentage of traffic from the social platforms.

Best dating sites for introverts, wallflowers, and anyone hesitant to try online Perhaps you'd like our roundup of the best hookup sites instead. Here's an overview of the best dating sites on the market. My recommendations for the best dating sites are based primarily on my own. With the popularity of sites like eHarmony, datingx-pro.space, OkCupid and countless others, the stigma of online dating has diminished considerably.