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Dating the marauders would include

Dating the marauders would include

Rowling seems to indicate Harry is seeing Lupin and Sirius as well — it doesn't make the implications of this any less heartbreaking. It seems that in resurrecting these characters from the dating the marauders would include they died, Rowling is saying that, in a way, Sirius and Lupin had both been dead for much longer than their actual deaths — that the version of themselves they were meant to be died on the same night their best friends were murdered.

When you imagine the incredible burden on them from that moment forward, it isn't that hard to conceive.

Dating Sirius Black Would Include image. Originally posted by marauderseraimagines. ~ You would probably meet because James & Remus slipped some. Includes -James -Sirius -Remus -Severus -Tom Riddle +anyone else you request. Him helping with your generalized anxiety and paranoia and sleeping beside you at nights holding onto you protectively. Trying to sneak into Azkaban after Lily's and James's deaths to visit Sirius but. Dating Marauders Would Include (1/3) Sirius Black• Sirius would only take an interest properly once you rejected him • He couldn't understand.

Find out if you're meant to be with Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, or Prongs! In case this isn't obvious enough, it's for girls only. The older I get, the more able I am to understand Harry Potter on a deeper level and the tragedy of the Marauders, the sacrifices they For particular reasons, I did not include Pettigrew. First, because I've never connected with any popular fancast and secondly. Dating James Potter Would Include All the marauders loving youHe’s had 2 less detentions a month since dating you.