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What to expect dating a leo man

What to expect dating a leo man

The Lion is the king of the jungle, and Leos tend to be alpha males. Leos also don't take no for an answer. If you like to be the one calling all the shots, you might not appreciate the take-charge attitude of the Leo. Either way, you should be prepared to stand your ground and demand to be heard.

Leos have no problem telling you when they don't agree with something, and they usually express themselves in strong language. If you need your partner to sugar-coat criticism, a Leo might not be your cup of tea. Leos will always tell it like it is, even if it might be uncomfortable or hurtful. They will also expect you to be direct, so if you are reserved, you may feel out of your element.

A man born with the Sun in Leo is confident, strong and sometimes rough on those Dating him can be just like dating the king – classy, sparkly and pompous.

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