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Semantic matchmaking

Semantic matchmaking

At the end of the matchmaking process, a numerical semantic matchmaking is assigned to all POIs to quantify their anticipated semantic matchmaking of interest. Semantic web technologies are put into practice: to integrate and to organize data from different sources to represent and to transform user profiles and tourism resources to capture all the information about the generated routes and their constraints.

These features are often used as important examples to illustrate the promises of the Semantic Web.

[1] presented the concepts involved in semantic based matchmaking and provides a set of semantic matchmaking algorithms. [4] proposed an improved. This paper proposes a semantic MatchMaking framework allowing to compute a ranked list of tasks or volunteers whose profiles match “as closely as possible”. Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. Cite as: Semantic Matchmaking of Web Services using Model Check- ing, Akın Günay, Pınar Yolum .

Semantic matching is a well known semantic matchmaking algorithm proposed recently [26][27], and has been extended and cited extensively in recent proposals [28][29][30][31][32]. SMS performs matching step on focused concepts according to their meanings, similarities, and distance of the concept relations.