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Dating on earth heavy vest

Dating on earth heavy vest

While the Moon travels once around the Earth, it rotates exactly once -- not more, not less. Not only is the Moon a lot older than Earth, as measured by their best current dating methods, but there is a huge difference in age on the Moon itself which defies explanation: the dust is a lot older than the rocks.

Because it is times smaller than the sun but times closer to the Earth. This is how the disco very disco baby news tries to sell you a dating on earth heavy vest akin to the Flat Earth. The most popular is the 'giant impact' theory, which says that when the Earth was young, around 4.

This impact flung molten debris from the mantle of both the Earth and the object which hit us into orbit around the Earth. If the giant impact theory is correct there should be a high degree of correlation between the distribution of aluminum and other elements over a wide area of the Moon and the manner in which they're distributed in the Earth's mantle.

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