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What is feeld dating app

What is feeld dating app

Features Following are some features of Feeld: Matchups: Matchups on the Feeld app are based on your what is feeld datings app and interests regarding what you are looking for, based on what other members are looking for in terms of gender, distance, age, etc. On Feeld, a single can get matched with a couple for threesome experience. Location Privacy: While Feeld does track your location to provide matches that are near you, your location is hidden from other members.

Incognito Mode: By using Incognito mode, you can hide your Feeld profile from your Facebook friends and enjoy polyamorous dating without worrying about being seen by them. By creating groups, your chances of finding partners for polyamorous dating increase drastically.

Liking a member makes it easier to approach them later. Verdict In conclusion, Feeld is an excellent dating app that works exactly as advertised.

Every dating app I’ve tried makes me feel like I’m sitting at a McDonald’s in the Red Light District with fluorescent lighting, brightly colored walls, bubble letters everywhere, and surreal things like charms, winks, passports, beans, and bees flying around my head while I’m squinting to read the only menu available, the dollar menu. But what would all of us enjoy receiving from quasi-strangers, that isn’t creepy or awkward? I thought back to my own experiences and remembered when I called the sports bar where my new ‘date’ was watching the baseball game with his guy friends, and had the bartender charge two giant buckets of beers to my credit card.